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the Back Mountain Rail to Trail, this time I started in Trucksville, the steps at the trail head suck!, theres like 7 or 8 tiers to them!

The trail is noisy being that it's right next to the Highway, some nice scenery, I did see a white tail Doe on the path, near the end the bridge is still out.
Going down Memorial Highway I could see a dike system off to the left, I tried finding it in Luzerne, but it was gated off. I drove down to the Kmart past the Ave, from there I was able to backtrack all the way back to Memorial Highway.
Next I drove to the Carey Ave bridge, backtracked all the way to the Black Diamond bridge, if you cross that your at Kirby Park, turned around and rode that dike out to where it dead ends in Plymouth.

Within the next few years this will all tye together seamlessly
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