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After repairing the crank and getting my tracer back together I called up an old friend and hit the trails!!!

We went to cottonwood and decided to ride the easy loop backwards, starting out with the downhill. That went well, except I was reminded that the bike I built for the smooth dirt of tahoe is a bit jarring in the nevada gravel. My friend, who I will call 'Big D' was doing fine on his XL frame long travel bike. Maybe its time for me to buy a new rear shock and forks..... Then his rear tire blew out in a corner. I've never seen an almost 300 lb guy go down before and it wasn't pretty. He almost hit one of those trees with the sharp ass spikey leaves. He managed to avoid it barely. Aside from a little chunk taken out of palm he was ok.

His tire was done so he decided to hoof it back to the car. I rode on knowing the loop is pretty short. And then the pain began.....

I've been concentrating on powerlifting for the last 6 months, and had forgotten the different kind of pain biking can induce. Those powerful hanstrings and glutes that let me pull reps with 300+ lbs? Yeah, they don't like endurance work AT ALL. And they let me know it. It wasn't even any kind of climb to speak of, anyone who has ridden those trails knows its not brutal. But it was for me. Oh well, first ride in a long time.

Strangely enough my lungs were fine. I guess I couldn't go fast enough to even tax my cardio system. LOL!

Despite a little bit of discomfort it was super nice to get back out in the open air and riding again. I'm looking forward to many more rides before the heat sets in. Have fun out there everyone!
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