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...and only fond memories and a few pictures to remind me of the 2 1/2 weeks I spent having fun in the dirt. I also got to feeling a little bad that we were taking over IndecentExposure's Bootleg threads, so I'll post up some of that here as well. Anyhow... here's a little Arizona recap for you peoples to check out...

Me and AZ local Steve-O during a hike to the top of a trail called Geronimo. We did
trail maintenance on the way up, and then RIPPED it on the way down. Stellar!

Brodie Team Manager guy Jeff Kuhn working on cleaning up a turn on Geronimo:

Sorry this pic is so dark, it came from a cell phone. But here's most of the crew
just before dropping in on Geronimo. L-R is Steve-O, Kuhner, Pete, and me.

A few days later I rode with Gene of and AZ local Arvin
(known here on RM as doodoobi). Here's a pic of me exiting the "Waterfall"
on the National Trail, South Mountain. I may have posted this one before.

That's pretty much all I gots from Arizona, other than the usual after-hours shots of the bands I saw and the people I met. Stellar trip, I tell you what! Still gonna work up the full story soon, I'll let you guys know. Next stop: Bootleg Canyon!

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After I left AZ, I headed up to Boulder City to meet some of my Denver peeps for some riding and mayhem. Let's just say that Bootleg was off the CHAIN, yo. The riding was extra sick, the weather was perfect, and I couldn't have asked for a better crew. Me, .thumper., snowskils, bpatterson6, and Mike (not sure if he's on here?) all rocked out with our c____s out for two solid days of riding, eating, partying, riding, and more riding. Some of the shots that I have are in the other thread, but there's a couple new one's here too. I just copy and pasted from my Ridemonkey thread, too lazy to edit out the ones that have already been posted, so bite me. Enough of that crap, here's some pics for ya:

The crew and the shuttle vehicle:

This is my damn self, dropping in on Poop Chute:

Mike of the Kozos team committing to the Poop Chute:

Goofing around on a STEEP 180 left hander on the Armageddon trail. That's me in the
foreground, my buddy Grant (.thumper.) goofing off, and Todd (snowskilz) in the background:

Mike railing the same turn we were goofing off in the above pic.
That business is like an Earl Greay tea: STEEPED.

This turn-bar ain't for free, son. Ya'll owe me a dollar. PM me for the PayPal action:

Grant gets his gratis style:

We sessioned a corner for a while, getting good shots and waiting for our shuttle driver
to use the bathroom or something. Here's Grant cheering me on:

Todd getting himself some turny turn turn action:

Me practicing my form. Yeah, I'm a racer dork. would be so proud!

Grant won this turn.

More Poop Chute goodness:

Grant up on that there Poop Chute with a nice view of Boulder City in the background:

So in two days I rode every trail on the map, and even a couple that weren't. Okay, I take that back... every traill except Upper Ginger, which I rode last time I was there and didn't really feel the need to get back onto right away. That trail is dastardly!

I followed up the Bootleg trip with a day of moto on Moab, caught a cold, and now I am back in Denver, cursing the snow and pining for warmer climes. Ah well... At least I head to Mexico in a couple of weeks, that'll be nice! Maybe Denver will thaw out while I'm gone... :think:

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AAaaahhhh.... what a great time! Don't feel bad about hijacking any thread, anything to keep us motivated during this [email protected]#(%([email protected] snow is key!

Thumper, Snowskils, FullTrucker, Bpatterson; keep me in mind when you head south. I've got gas and beer money at hand..., to fix that fork...
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