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Back Disc Break for Old Super V

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Hey there,
I have an old Cannondale Super V, the things is that it would be great to get disc breaks attached to the back, i have an old old frame, so there are no possibilities for attaching the disk breaks.
Is there a trick to get them on???
I saw this picture attached (is a different swing arm than mine but still), and wonder if there is a trick to get it going and attached?!?!?!


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Doesn't Brake Therapy make a conversion kit?
Just buy a newer swingarm for it. If you don't have that style arm, the newer ones will plug right in. That style had many differences, making it impossible to retrofit. While your at it, you can Uberize it, and really have something fun. :thumbsup:
If you have the Carbon Swingarm as in the first post, Your options are limited.

While it is possible to do as shown in the photo, I would be very concerned about having the aluminum drop out disbond from the swingarm.

Years ago, when several of us rode these early Super V's, a friend had one of the cantilever brake posts come loose. I was able to rebond it with Hysol, and it worked for years including the many miles my wife rode the bike after we bought it from my friend.

A better path could be the Brake Therapy setup, or possibly a rigid arm going to the cantilever post. The rigid arm design will transfer brake loads almost exactly like the cantilever setup into the carbon swingarm.

We have a 98 aluminum C'Dale tandem, and as time permits, a rigid arm setup will be my method to fit discs to this non disc from.

Hey Guys,
thanks for all the posts.
I am in touch with Brake Therapy (thank XJaredX, good tip),
they seem to be able to 'fix' it.

will keep you posted.
I've been running the Brake Therapy adapter on my KillerV for about 3 months now, and it's just been a positive experience. I ordered the Brake Theraphy adapter with a Shimano XT hub kit.

The only thing I had to do was to shim out my rotor to get it aligned properly with the caliper. I used Syntace rotors shims which did the job perfect. Since then I havent had to adjust the system at all.


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