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Back again, in a miserable mood...

Finall, after a long break from MTBR due to the lack of internet access, I am back again... Although I said that before:
After all this time without riding (about 1.5 years), I visited the plave of my old residence in Prague, Czech Republic, and was pulled back into the scene. Set up a new ride, flew to Canada to ride the North Shore (That place RULES!!! Digger, Dan... I love all of you guys for taking our sport a step further!), and now, with my new ride, am back in the Netherlands... That is sad. Its flat, boring and once more sad. Still noone to ride with. Went out alone couple nights ago to hit some stairs and fountains, and almost got arested... People here can no have fun! Or can they? This is what this post is about... IS THERE ANYONE IN TILBURG, NETHERLANDS, WHO RIDES??!!!? I have posted this all over the web, still not a single reply. Am slowly going mad... RESPOND SOMEONE!!!

Ok, anyway, at least am damn happy to be back here, with all of you guys. Several years ago I had the feeling that MTBR is slowly coming to its end, and now i am real happy that i was wrong. And its all thanks to people like Pete, Photo John and all the other guys. You know who you are, so no need for me to put up a list... Hope I will be slowly remembered by atlest a few of you, and accepted back into our "second home".

PS: Here is my new ride, if anyone wants to see it...


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