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Hi, Ive been experimenting for a while , after a bit of advice if poss.

I started with a 690 aluminium bar 15mm rise with a 90mm stem 7 degree rise , on a 29er , I wanted to sharpen up the handling it felt a bit cumbersome at times ,

Brought a thomson 730 Carbon bar 12 mm rise , and have 2 stems 70mm and 80mm 0 degree rise, that Ive used with it .

My favorite combination is the 70mm stem and thomson bar for handling and comfort while riding , it feels perfect while on the bike but been pulling up feeling a little back soreness well after the ride .

Ive been thinking maybe the hands are a little low , perhaps I need a little rise , am I likely to notice a difference if I went with a 70 mm stem that had a 10 degree rise ? Or is that going to make very little difference .

Any help appreciated , Thanks .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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