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I'll be doing the AZSS course Sat morning,if anyone would like to join. I'll be riding from home Speedway/Country Club at 7:00am. So I should be at the bottom of Redington by 8:00am (give or take 15min). lots of bail out ops.I won't be going at race pace, but with other things to do I won't dilly dally either.So come do the whole sha'bang or whatever you have time for.
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bikes4max said:
I'll be doing the AZSS course Sat morning.
Bummer. We probably would of postponed our ride today and went with you on Sat. We just did last years course today (Fri). It was great weather with all the water crossings running with water. Pretty awesome.

Are you doing lasts years course (40miler) or this years course (60ish miler).
Have fun and keep your feet dry :)
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