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Thanks again to cookiedough (David P) for this amazing design!

Orders due by March 2nd. Snail mail or paypal is accepted. If you are doing paypal, the address is just my handle (az epic rider andrunner at g ma il do t com, no spaces).

When sending it, please send $7 along with the size, men or women, and name. If you are getting more than one, just multiply the number you want by $7. We do have women's cuts! If you are going to send me a check via snail mail, go here to see the snail mail address form.

Please ask any questions here.

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azepicriderandrunner said:
Oh snap.... keep the T-shirt payments coming! Thanks for the quick response! Remember there is not limit on how many we get, so keep on ordering.
paypal xfer on the way. How are you going to distribute them? Thanks cookiedough they look great!!
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