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azonic B-52

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ive been riding the b-52 for almost a year now. been to whistler and diablo in new jersey. im very happy with the bike so far but have been wandering: should i upgrade my bomber-66 to a triple crown for the extra 2cm? whats the difference? ive hit some pretty big drops with this bike and it went very well, but sometimes at high speeds i feel like i could use more suspention, could it be or am i imagining? i know this frame can take 200mm but not sure if its time. another thing is: i am now traveling in the far east and will probably get to china at some point. does anyone know where the actual factories are there??? its a great opertunity! thanks for the help posting from myanmhar/burma
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I think the decision for a triple clamp should be up to you. Do you see yourself utilizing a triple clamp fork better than a single crown?
I feel more confident at speed and on big jumps with a triple crown. Maybe it's the extra 20mm travel, maybe it's the additional stiffness. With the crowns slid down they usually have the same axle-crown as a 66 and air ones weigh the same. Get a used 888 ATA or U-Turn Boxxer and you even get travel adjust for flats or climbing.

Only downside I can think of is no X-ups. I'm not sure if demand or marketing has spurred the 180mm single crown fad.
don't put a tripple crown on the B-52,'ll end up doing this


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well then, ill be sure to do that
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