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Death Valley, a few weeks late.

Riders heading out on Phil's Death Valley bikepack.

Team 4Runner toured DV the easy way :)

The first day thru Titus Canyon was rough on bikes.

Badwater Basin (-282 feet) at sunset.

Bike became a single speed on the first day, then became a 4Runner decoration.

Spectacular views from Dantes Peak of Badwater basin, over a mile in elevation below us.

Stormy skies provided amazing photos ops.

Durtgurl has a boyfriend! Meet Doug :thumbsup:

The Racetrack Playa defies the laws of physics.

Death Valley is a huge place. We sampled a good bit, but there is so much left to explore.

Mining ruins are abundant....

... and every valley has a different character.

Was sorry that some of our planned 4x4 roads were closed due to flood damage, but seeing DV right after a rain was a rare treat. Thanks to Phil for organizing the bikepack and letting us 4Runners tag along!


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Picketpost Mountain and AZtrail

My first time out to Picketpost and on a rigid to boot. Spring green still going and should be many cacti in bloom the next few weeks...

Trail is not super technical, but keeps you on your toes for sure.


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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