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Always in the wrong gear
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Cholla, Where exactly is the Prescott pump track or parking nearby? I've searched and never found any definitive info. I'm hoping to ride there the Friday before Whiskey.

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FR418 (near Kendrick Park) is now open allowing an additional access point to the AZ Trail. We rode southbound from FR418 up to Snowbowl Road. Lots of tree fall on the section north of Bismark Lake as well as a few snow drifts. From Bismark Lake to Snowbowl Road is tree and snow free -- but still wet in a few spots.

A bit of HAB along the AZT north of Bismark Lake. (04/11/2014)

Bismark Lake junction: 189 miles to Utah; 611 to Mexico.
<img src="".

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♫♪ On the 12th day of healing, my bike handed to me.. another dose of humility ♫♪
and in the exact same GDMF'N spot too. arrrgggh!!
luckily i was not going full speed this time, so the landing was much smoother than my crash 2 weeks ago. but i was pissed nonetheless


Give it a crank
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Nasty handlebar hit, looks like the kind of spot I'd dab my way through.

Here's what ended my ride today, I was too lazy to fix it on the trail and was so close to my truck that I called it a day after just 3.3 miles.

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Some catching up to do....

Lost Goldmine trail

Almost thought this fella was a rock!!


Red Rock Chica on Antelope Creek

Diggin' the trail or the tunes?

Hidden Treasure Mine segment

Gave that knee a real test on the old AES route

Nice way to ring in my birthday

2 miles into our ride y'day, I'm bunny-hopping this guy!!

Arturo still hasn't accepted that we have to climb the 'Big Hill'.

Well, look who's back!! Dag Nabbit in regular season HAB form.

Sure doesn't suck up here.

Big ridgeline = big views.

Gila River valley far below

I think he's flipping me off...

Setting up for a nighttime finish from Ripsey Ranch back to Freeman rd, chatted with the top 3 AZT300 riders too.
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