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Ayup bar (regular kit) $ 380.00

Ayup helmet

LightPriceClaimed LumensRuntime Battery TypeLight head weightBattery WeightInstalled WeightLumens per gramLumens per dollar
Ayup bar (regular kit)$1902805hrsLithium Ion68g94g152g1.841.47
Ayup helmet$1902805.5hrsLithium Ion66g94g150g1.871.47
Light Meter charts and comparison table available here.


The Ayup 'regular kit' is a light system from Australia that features two light heads. Each light head has two LEDs that can be tilted up and down independently. The kit includes two small batteries and a large battery. Aside from the 110 volt charger, a 12 volt car charger is included as well. The whole system comes with a handy neoprene case to transport everything.

While some lights are full-featured, fancy sytems, the Ayup is a no-frills light system. It sticks to the very basics to deliver the most light and battery power possible for the price. Thus for $380, you get two lights, an extra battery and a home/car charger. What you don't get is a light switch, fancy electronics and a flexible mounting system.

The beam patterns are selectable at the time of purchase. The patterns available are wide, intermediate and narrow. We tested the intermediate on the bar lights and the narrow beam on the helmet light.

Light Head Close ups:

img_2015.jpg img_2016.jpg img_2017.jpg

Mounting Options:

The 'regular set' comes with two lights, one for the handlebar and one for the helmet. The mounting system uses zip-ties and thus can't be moved to other bikes/helmets easily. The battery is so small that it is meant to be mounted on the stem and on the helmet.

Light Output Measurements:

On our light meter, measuring ambient light, the narrow helmet mount measured 16 Lux and the wider bar light measured a 17 Lux. The closest competitors are the Knog 605 at 16 and the Exposure Race Maxx at 24.

Complete package comes with an extra battery, a car charger and a carrying case.



  • Incredible value with two lights, three batteries and a car charger
  • Very, very light
  • Great run-time


  • No light switch.
  • Liberal use of zip ties for mounting. Makes it difficult to move between bikes
  • Plugs are not weather proof. The wires are small and unplug too easily
  • Wiring is small and can be easy to cut

Bottom Line:

If you want the lightest, affordable high-powered system, this may be the lightset for you. The light output is pretty bright for the pair. And the beam pattern is quite nice. The flood bar and and spot headlight blend together very well. The weakness of the setup is the lack of light switch and rudimentary mounting and wiring components. It's a good minimalist light at a great price. The batteries are so small that they can be easily mounted on the stem and on the helmet. This is a great feature since the wires do not get in the way of riding.Also, racers will be pleased with it's light weight and compact setup.

Beam Pattern Photos:

Ayup Bar, Ayup Helmet, Ayup bar and helmet

Ayup Bar beam pattern Ayup Helmet Beam Pattern ayup-combo.jpg

Ayup Bar, Ayup Helmet

Ayup Bar Ayup Helmet

Beam Pattern rollover and side by side comparison page available here.

Value Rating:

5 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.25 out of 5 Stars

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A word from the Manufacturer:
Dear MTBR, Many thanks for including the Ay Up Lighting System in your lights shootout. We can't get a more thorough review from any other organisation, well done on your continued great work!Darren Clarke mailed me the proposed review and I would if I could, like to comment on a few points you have made. See below. Also we are bringing out new product all the time and the 08 Kits that will be available begin Feb include switched batteries and dual chargers etc etc. Please see attachments.We spent many months researching the battery cable to be used with our system and because we run our lights at a lower current than most we could use a smaller, lighter, less clumbersome wire. The wire used is a top quality wire which has sheilding around the two inner cores which acts as a reinforcer and protector. Our hang tests on the battery cable exiting the battery is in excess of 25 kilo's. Cable breaking strain is in excess of 45 kilos. Since we moved to this cable in August we have had zero returns from over 4,000 batteries sold worldwide.untitled.jpgBattery Cable - This cable is a shielded two core cable at 16 gauge. The braid (sheilding) reinforces the cable whilst keeping the cable flexible. The light current draw is so low we can go to this size cable unlike the more higher current draw lighting systems. The cable strain exiting the battery and plug is moulded around the wire and is completely waterproof. Lightset Power Connector - This connector has been glued into the injection moulded lightbar on the lightset to not only retain it but to completely seal the unit. Our lights can withstand minimum 10 metres water depth.Weather proof connectors - As we are running our lights at 0.5 amps and at max 8.4V it is completely safe and possible to place the battery and light unit underwater and plug in the lead to the light. There will be no extra battery drain and the internal battery circuit will not shut down as long as it is fresh water, ie rainwater, rivers & lakes. Washing under the tap is also encouraged to remove any dirt, food matter from the light and battery connections. After drying smear a little vaseline or silicone grease on the connectors to keep them like new. see again many thanks for your time taken for this review. We look forward to supplying you new product as it comes along. Usually every 4 - 6 months. I will write a manufactures comments article over the next couple of days and send to you. If you require any high res images or further information please do not hesitate to ask. [email protected]

08-kit-part-1-low-res.jpg 08-kit-part-2-low-res.jpg 08-kit-part-3-low-res.jpg 08-kit-part-4-low-res.jpg 08-kit-part-5-low-res.jpg

Kind regards

Andrew Patten

Director / Designer / Sole Owner / MTB'er - Ay Up Lighting Systems Australia

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