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Axle Woes

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Hey all,

I own a '03 Stumpy HT. In doing some hub maintenance, I managed to screw up the front axle. The hub is a specialized "stout" with an oversized skewer.

The local bike shop says the hub/axle aren't supported anymore and so before I lay down some hard earned money for a new hub or wheel, I'd like to ask if there's anyone here that would know where I could locate an axle.

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Can you put a standard axle and skewer in in it's place?
Not sure, I'll do some asking around. Thanks.
your shop should be able to order a skraxle form Spec, have them call their warranty rep, they are about $18 or you can get a new DT Swiss RWS ratchet skewer for $69 and works great, if the axle itself is damaged than they can get you what you need. Most of the new Stumpy FSR's and hard tails have Spec hubs with the DT Swiss 9mm RWS. Talk to the service manager at the shop and have him call Ian in warranty he will hook you up
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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