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Maybe Larry Mettler or some other fork gurus can chime in here - so here's my question.

Will the axle to crown height of the new 2005 Talas and Vanilla Forks be taller than the previous model years now that they can get up to a full 130mm of travel?

I had a Talas on my Belair for a bit but the short axle to crown height actually steepened my HT angle a bit when I really wanted to keep it the same as it was with the Psylo it replaced or slightly slacker.

I'm now running a Z1 FR on the Belair - but that fork is a heavy sucker - very stiff and burly though - but possibly a tad tall and defintely a lot heavier.

Is there a chart somewhere listing axle to crown heights of various trailbike/freeride forks that I could access?

Still trying to find the right balance up front on my Balfa.



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Check out Maverick American's website

Fox 04-495mm (125mm travel)
Minute-505mm (130mm)
Z1- 518mm (130mm)
Psylo-501mm (125mm)

according to Maverick's handy little fork comparison chart. Actual heights may vary.
See their site for the excel file.

CTRider said:
And what was the axle to crown height of the 04s?

Anyone know the A/C height of a Z1 FR?
A Minute?
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