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The '07 Fat Possum LX received some needed upgrades from the '06 model and I think it's one of the best spec'ed bike for the price out there. I'd been riding rigid bike almost exclusively for the last two years (Surly Karate Monkey 1sp, Surly Pugsley) and my back wasn't happy with me on some days. The possum weighs about the same as Pugsley and pedals almost as well. I live about two hours from Moab and an hour from great high country technical riding.
This year's Possum LX came with a Fox Float and Swinger X3. The float was a no-brainer upgrade from last year's Splice and the the X3 works great. I even like it better than the Fox RP3. The only gripes are older style LX 3-piece cranks and would LX shifters really have cost that much more? All the parts are just fine until they wear out and get upgraded.
The possum floats over XC terrain and just begs you to get in trouble in the rough stuff. If you're not riding bigger travel all the time but want it when you need it, this is a great bike.
Tom Miller
Kokopelli Bike and Board
Cortez, CO
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