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The last few mornings have been a bit chilly and windy (Tuesday and Wednesday), but this morning was wonderful. A nice full moon to start the ride and a very colorful sunrise.

It's good to be alive!!!!

All this occurred this morning between 5:30 and 7:30am on Desert Classic...


No need for a bell again this morning...

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That's the truth!

I dropped into Warpaint a little before 5:30, for a quick roll up to the Helipad.

Riding up the Goat Trail has been my nemisis for the long time, and one day I will clean it. Far from the toughest hill around, but for some reason it has my number. It is kinda tough because once I make it to the really tricky sections I'm in serious oxygen debt. This morning put me one step closer to that goal as I climbed to the top of the false summit.

On to the last steep section before the tippy-top I had a mulligan just past the "Entering Phoenix Mountain Preserve" sign. I ended up dabbing on the second attempt, but I left with much more confidence.
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