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I haven't posted in a bit, but I felt like I really needed to share a great experience with a local bike shop in Aspen.

Went out for the 12 hours of Snowmass. Arrived in Aspen four days before the race. We go out for a acclimation ride on the road. We hit a very short section of trail and immediately after, I have fork oil leaking down my Fox F100 RL :madman:. I just sent in my old fork a few months ago for the same problem (also with scratches on stanchions), Fox sent a brand new fork back. So, what to do just days before the race?

We stop at a couple of shops that don't have the parts (seals). Finally arrive at Ute City Cycles in Aspen. They have the parts and can do the job! Sweet, just saved my entire trip to Colorado.

Not only did they fix the fork, they fixed it the same day I brought it in! They actually fixed it in a few hours! I don't get that kind of service from my LBS at home.

So, wanted to share the great LBS experience I had in Aspen and encourage visitors to stop by Ute City Cycles if you're in town.
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