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Avocet 45 cyclometer / cyclocomputer

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I've been sold on Avocet computers ever since my fist MTB in 1993. I love the MultiPulse transmitter ring system it uses. I had my 45 since 1996 or so, but unfortunately believe I left it at the cabin we were staying at in Wyoming last week.

I'd buy a different brand if it didn't have the single reed switch pickup like so many bike computers seem to use.

I haven't been able to find one online nor at any of the LBS'. Any suggestions on where to get a replacement, besides eBay?
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I just got off the phone with Avocet. They don't make them, they have them made for them. They are out and won't have any until next year.

Are there any other computers that use the magnetic ring instead of the single magnet?
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