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Avid SD series brake bolts

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I noticed the bolts (that attaches the brakes to the frame) on the Avid Single Digits are not regular bolts. There is this unthreaded portion between the bolt head to the thread.

But it's shape is like that of a cone. The diameter starts off large and gradually decreases to the same diameter of the thread (like a cone).

Will regular bolts be able to fit the Avid SD brakes ?

Thanks in advance.
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This is likely done to inhibit any slop that exists between the sleve and the brake post. I wouldn't think it's required, and seeing how much slop my XTs developed over the years while still functioning, I don't think your Single Digit brakes will have any trouble without those particular bolts.

First I'd suggest checking with your LBS, who probably has a box of miscelleneous bolts.

If not I'd call Avid -- in the past they've been pretty good about taking care of us with stuff like this.

If you install "plain" bolts, just make sure that once secure, the brakes don't bind.
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