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Avid Mechs - Any new lighter version planned?

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Saw it on a mate's bike and am amazed at how easy it worked. Aint too bad in the power department as well. The only downside I can see is the weight. (for me!)

Was just wondering if anyone knows whether there are any plans to introduce a new, lighter weight version of them Avid Mechs?

Thanks! fishy
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Two generations of (pre- and post-SRAM) Avid employees have confirmed that yes, there are two new versions of the Avid mech being talked about: a lighter weight version that probably will do away with the hearalded CPS adjustment system, and a "discount" version missing who knows what to make it even cheaper.

If weight is your prime consideration, hydro is the way to go and there are lighter mechs out there as well. But all things relative, the Avid's ain't made from lead and are in the ballpark compared to some hydro systems. All depends on how severe of a gram diet you're on.
I stay with the current ones.... CPS is the holy grial for set up and there are no features I could live without on my Avids... now if they would make them self-adjusting.......

I would like to have it lightweight, but I must have it as dependable as it is now. If they are going to remove any features, I think I will just get this present version. I was hoping that they would use lighter (and stronger) materials such as titanium this and that. Or refine it - like an Avid Ultimate Mech?

As for hydros, well I would really prefer to run cables for the peace of mind that I will know how to service it myself in case something does happen when I am 5 day out in the trails. This is just a personal preference.

cheers, fishy
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