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Avid Juicy Seven Issue... Solution?

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Looking for some advice here. Mainly to see if most of you all do your brake work yourself or leave that to the professionals.

I was taking out my pads to day to sand them a bit since they were glazed a bit. While putting the pads back in I was pushing the pistons in to “reset” them and I noticed fluid coming out from the reservoir in the lever area. Now that the pads are in there is no brake power at all.

I have not done any research yet but seems like I need fluid and to bleed them. Thoughts?

I have Avid Juicy Sevens and have had no issues other than this so far.
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They will need to be re-bled. You'll probably should overhaul the lever - fluid shouldn't be leaking around there. How old is the brakeset?
Thanks for the reply...

The brake set is about 2.5 years old, on a 2007 Stump Jumper Elite.

Looks like the fluid is coming from the part that has to philips head screws.

The weird part about when I was pushing it pistons in was that they were pushing out after I set them back by themselves. This has never happened to me before.

First set of hydros so not too knowledgeable with them.
You have air in the system and a bad reservoir bladder/seal.
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