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Avid Juicy 7 Lever/Hose Problem

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I just recently installed a new hose in my rear Juicy 7 lever. I used a new olive during this process. I went to bed my new brakes and as I was doing this, the rear line popped out of the lever. not all the way, but enough to move the hose a little. After it happened, I removed the compression nut and tried another olive. Same thing. The line is refusing to stay installed in the lever. I have two thoughts, either I have a huge air bubble in the lever or I am just not torqueing the compression nut enough.

Anyone have any other ideas I could try? TIA.
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If the hose is moving outward then you haven't torqued the nut up enough. The olive and the barbed end to the hose will snug up together as the nut is tightened to prevent air entering or fluid escaping.

You will also need to bleed the system if you are sticking a new line on. The Avid bleed kit is an essential for this, however the upside is that the method used is hands down the most efficient way to get brakes bled - and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.
Use the other lever as reference: notice how much thread on the shroud nut is showing and use that as a guide to how tight you need to turn it.

Be sure to push the hose into the lever until it bottoms out, and maintain the pushing pressure as you are screwing the shroud nut on - becareful not to cross thread. This will ensure that the olive deforms onto the hose in the right place.
Did you install a hose barb in the end of the hose?
Probably should have used my torque wrench the first time. definitely a torque issue, all seems fine now. thanks.
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