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avid juicy 5 squeaking

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hi i have a little problem with my brakes they are approx 3 months old and when i push the bike slowly they squeak espesially the back one and when spinning the back wheel freely it stops spinning faily quick as if there is friction there.i think the pads are just catching the disc any answers to solve the problem then the front brake squeaks badly when applying little pressure to slow down slowly when riding as if the brakes are wet when they are completly dry thanks any answers or is it a shop job!
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Any brake will...

squeak or squeal under the right conditions. The most common is when the brake is wet, the second most common is when you feather the brake, i.e. apply them lightly. Feathering the brake allows the rotor to vibrate between the pads. This is more common with brake rotors that are slightly out of true. As the rotor wobbles between the pads it reduces pressure on one pad or the other allowing a vibration. This can some times be cured by careful truing of the rotor. It just depends on how much of a wobble is there. If the squeal is constant then it's could be a bit of contamination on the pad or rotor. A good cleaning of the rotor and pad surfaces with rubbing alcohol will sometimes cure the problem.

As for the rear rub. Two possibilities, the caliper is out of alignment causing the pads to contact one side or the other of the rotor. Or the rotor is out of true causing the pad to contact the rotor. To check it spin the rear wheel and watch at the point where the rotor enters the caliper. If the rotor is out of true you'll see it wobble as it passes through the caliper. If the rotor is straight and doesn't wobble then it's like a misalignment of the caliper itself. This can be cured by simply realigning the caliper. For instructions on realignment go to the Avid website and download the installation instructions and follow the alignment directions to the letter. If it doesn't work then take the bike in to a good shop and have the brakes looked at. Aligning the brakes isn't hard, but if you don't know what you are doing it can be an exercise in frustration.

Good Dirt
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