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Avid Juicy 5 SL

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My 08 Enduro comp. has the Juicy 5 SL's and I was wondering if the SL's are a step up from the standard Juicy 5's or is the SL meaningless and just tacked on to look fancier?
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IIRC the SL's were developed by Specialized and Avid to match the bike

Specialized likes to have special products created for their bike lineups. Just like the rear shock on some of the new bikes. Its developed by Specialized and Fox to work on that bike alone.

But to put it bluntly, there probably isn't much difference between the Juicy 5 and your Juicy 5 SL.
reptilezs said:
alloy backed pads
Yep, only difference between a Juicy 5 and a Juicy 5 SL
Which goes out the window when you do a pad change, unless you specify the alloy backed ones at which point the shop guy looks at you like your a complete tard.
Its like the "custom"Juicy Ultimates that came with my Enduro Expert.Only difference was the pad contact adjuster:rolleyes:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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