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Avid Juicy 3.5 lever seal kits needed

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I recently purchased a clean 05 Cannondale Rush lefty. The Avid brakes are suffering from the swollen orings/ seals with sticking brake levers issue that apparently was very common. I have been unable to find a seal or lever rebuild kit. Any suggestions?
Brian in Austin
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Throw them away now or throw money at them forever and never have a great brake set.

Good luck

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@Bcolins I might have a Juicy 7 lever kit in my brake parts bits that was never used if that might work for you.
Parts for those will be tough to find. Universal cycles used to carry avid rebuild parts. I had a set of Juicy 3's that required both calipers rebuilt. Avid hydro's can be temperamental and problematic in my opinion. There is a special bleed kit for the Juicy's that I had to buy to complete the job and the bleed process was more involved than any other brake I have serviced before. IMO new brakes would be the way to go, if feasible.

FYI - I have a old pair of BB7's that where equal to the Juicy 3's in power but were far more reliable. I personally would take a pair of low end Shimano's over a low/mid level Avid hydraulic.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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