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Avid Elixirs Dragging

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I'm sure this is another thread asking a question that has been asked a long time ago, but I cant find it!

A while ago I was searching for a new set of hydro brakes! I finally purchased a pair of 160mm avid elixir r's. I havent finished installing them as I'm taking my time to be with my girlfriend around the holiday season. I just finished installing the rear brake and I notice that after going through the install procedure completely there is significant drag on the rotor. Where am I going wrong? What can be done to reduce the dragging?

Also when squeezing the lever I notice audible sounds of fluid going through the master cylinder. Is this normal? Its my first set of hydros so I honestly don't know what to expect!

Thanks in advance for your help!

I'll post pics later!
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If you've cut the hose, then you may not have done the hose bolt up tight enough, as I had the same problem until I tightened this.

The drag is either non-centred rotor, or the pads have pushed out a bit too far. Its often the case when you re-bleed after shortening lines that there is too much fluid in the system. There is a bleed screw in the calliper you can loosen a bit and push the pads out....the excess fluid will escape through the screw - just make sure you have a rag handy at the time.
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