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Avid Elixir CR Carbon Brakes upgrade to 185mm rotors?

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Do these brakes support 185mm rotors? I would like bigger rotors just for kicks even if they do weigh a bit more. They have 160mm rotors now. Thanks.
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I have some new 185 rotors with adaptors I'd trade you for your 160s plus adaptors if you pay for shipping. Also assuming your rotors are in good shape and G2 or G3.
weight gain would be minimal but braking action would be increased. There would be better fade resistance and more overall stopping power. You would need rotors and adapters for your frame attachment type.

Many people run a larger front rotor and a smaller rear as the rear is not as integral to the stopping process. But, myself included, just run both the same size as it really isn't an issue.
I upgraded my front 160 to 185. It gave me the confidence to go even faster because I can control my speed better. Definitely a worthy upgrade. Threw the front rotor in the back which helped solve the rubbing issue back there due to the rotor being slightly warped. It took a $10 hardware kit and a $30-35 rotor (both off PricePoint) to upgrade. (Post 185, hardware included)

You can pricematch this to save $5:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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