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Avid Elixir Cr 2009 / 2010 model - any good?

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I'm looking to get a pair of Avid Elixir Cr 2009 / 2010 models (new) of ebay for my 29'er FS Tallboy build in a 185/160mm pair - are they any good?

Care to share your impressions on these brakes - good and bad?

Is there much difference in the 2009/2010/2011 models?

Thx in advance!
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I have a set of '09's and they are great- stopping power a plenty, minimal squealage and no problems thus far running from 10 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
I have the CR 2010's on my Giant XTC and contrary to the bad reviews on here mine work flawlessly. The XT's on my Anthem have a little better modulation but can't compare for sheer stopping power.
Got them on my Orange P7 and they are awesome brakes, 185/160mm, good modulation and more power than anyone would every really need.
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