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avid codes vs avid elixir cr

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anyone play with both? im trying to get the most power/modulation for my buck, i know i know, hope and formulas are the best but expensive though... i was looking at the great deals of the hayes strokers but too many complaints...
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I have the Elixir R's on my carbon hardtail and the Code 5's on my 29er and the Code 5's definitely do a better job of stopping the bike. Note that its not exactly an apples to oranges comparison the Code 5 rotor on my 29er is 185 mm while the Elixir R's on the carbon hardtail are 160mm.

However for my folding bike I have a set 160mm Code 5's installed and they have what can only be described as monstrous stopping power. If I push too hard I'll definitely fly off the bike.

The Elixir R's have better modulation and in the begining the bite harder than the Code 5's. However once you past the first part of the bite zone the Code 5's have some awesome stopping power,so much so that I have be very careful on my folder.

For my 29er I just love the Code 5's I feel comfortable going 40+ mph and stopping at the last minute. With the Elixir R's they'll definitely bring you down to speed in reasonable distance but the margin at high speeds is more limited. You have to take certain lines if your running with the Elixirs with the Code 5's they're so good it's almost bad because you have so many choices as far as your lines are concerned.

I think the Elixir's have better modulation but if you need stopping the Code 5's are the best. If the Elixir's come with the bike already I wouldn't change them, but if you're going to fork over money I would definitely go with Code 5's.

Especially for a 26 inch bike the Code 5's have insane stopping power.

I have the Hayes Stoker trail on my Trance x1 and dislike their modulation. They have a very short low power stop zone and then boom they go to full stop. I definitely feel the Code 5's have better modulation.
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how about a avid code vs hayes stroker ace....
Although I don't ride my Trance X1 that often I would have to say that I would take the Code 5's over the Hayes Stroker Trail. I can't speak for the Ace but if it's similar to the trail I think the Code 5's would be better just for modulation alone.

However I suspect the Code 5's are probably faster. In fact if you're buying brakes for a bike I would even take the Elixir R's over them ,assuming that the Aces' have the same modulation and feel as the Trails. You have very little power in the begining and then boom 100%.

Of course some people say that about the Code 5's but I feel like I have better modulation with the Code 5's. Personally I feel that I have more stopping power with the Code 5's versus the Trails. I haven't A/B the brakes on the same routes but I definitely have more confidence in the Code 5's, modulation aside than my Stroker Trails.

One problem I have noticed with the Code 5's ,purchased aftermarket is rotor alignment. With both sets of Code 5's , one on my folding bike and the other on the 29er, it seems as if they have perpetual brake rub and you really need to jam something in really hard to get them to behave. Note that these brakes were not purchased with either bike.

I'm 100% satisfied with the Code 5's,especially on my 29er. For the 26 inch folder unless you're doing some really fast downhill they're almost overkill. They have so much stopping power, that's not bad by any means but if you're not going outrageously fast runs they're almost a waste. I say almost because it gives you great peace of mind knowing that the brakes will probably do whatever you demand of them.
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i think the hayes stroker aces are a totally different animal from the hayes stroker trails your talking about though....
i purchased the aces, but still on the fence with avid elixer cr, it seems like those brakes are everywhere, with great feedback running 203mm rotors, im wondering if i should have gone with those instead. the thing is the lever on the aces are really nice with that little hook on the end. .... i would like to hear more comparisons of power and modulation between the aces and elixers though...
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