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Avid BB7 pressure-foot dislodged

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Help! I'm a BB7 fan, but I think I've accidentally broken one. :eek:

OK, here's my 2 problems:
  • While swapping wheels, I backed-off the outboard pad-adjuster knob just a little too enthusiastically. So now the outboard pressure-foot has become dislodged.
  • At the same time, the outboard foot-screw got disengaged from the pad adjuster-knob.
  • See photos (apologies for the rotten lighting)....

So what do do? I've zeroed in on p33 of Avid Technical Manual. But I'm still a bit unclear how to proceed.

Will I need one of these doohickeys?

Hope you can help!!!
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I haven't had to do this for a while, so bear with me.

Get a wide flat blade screwdriver. Stabilize the face of the foot with the flat face of the screwdriver and hold it lined up with the axis of the knob. Apply gentle pressure towards the knob. Dial it in.

The threads should catch after a couple of tries, and the pressure foot should return to its normal operation.

That should be it.

If I recall correctly, that outer knob should pop off pretty easily, if you need to look in there. But as long as you can get that foot aligned using the screwdriver trick, there shouldn't be any need to remove it.
Fixed !

Thanks Nate!

First I tried the screwdriver trick, but without success. So then I just popped-off the outboard pad-adjuster knob (which came off easily, like you said), and the rest was straightforward. Now I just have to remember not to make the same mistake next time. ;)

Oh, and now I'm working on the brakes, I'll go ahead and install some Flak-Jacket cables that I found in the parts-bin.
Hi thanks guys I have been searching for the same, finally I find here. I think it would be helpful for me to over come from the problem,,,,
Avid BB7 Overhaul Guide

While browsing Avid's tech-doco, I stumbled upon a nice, clear explanation of my problem, on p4 of BB7 Overhaul Guide.
I have the same problem with the outboard pressure foot (except thatmy outboard foot-screw did not get disengaged from the pad adjuster-knob).
I read the PDF. It says:

"The most common problem that doesn't require disassembly:
A common BBDB call we get is about a caliper with the outboard pressure foot dislodged. If the outboard adjustment knob is turned too far clockwise without the rotor in the caliper (wheel off or caliper removed), the outboard pressure foot can be pushed out of the drive cam and float free in the caliper body. The brake is not broken and it doesn't need to be
disassembled to replace the pressure foot. To replace the pressure foot, turn the outboard adjuster knob counter clockwise until it stops. If the knob doesn't stop, then the footscrew (you can see the end of the footscrew in the center of the knob) has become disengaged from the knob, and possibly from the threads inside the drive cam. In this case, remove the knob, then use some small needlenosed pliers or a Schrader-valve tool to turn the foot screw all the way back out until it stops. Once this is accomplished the pressure foot can be replaced. Relocate the pressure foot into the bore, then give it a firm push in the center. It will "click" back into place. If you removed the outer knob, replace it, and you're done!"

They say "Relocate the pressure foot into the bore, then give it a firm push in the center. It will "click" back into place."
But, it's not clicking back into place !!

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Does it fit in properly other than the "click"? Did you clean it out?
hmmm. well it definitely doesn't press down much further than the picture above with the screwdriver.
I always found that you usually can just snap it back in with a good bit of inward pressure.
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