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Avg air leaked daily on UST's

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This is my first UST experience. I have a set of Bontrager Race Disc tubeless. I just bought a pair of Hutchinson Spider 2.3 UST. After an half hour of struggling and all the dishsoap I could handle, I still could not get the tire on the rim. I know I'm not supposed to use levers, but using my plastic levers was the my last hope. It's on, but I don't know if I ruined the UST capability of the bead. The tire was inflated to 60psi and seated nicely to the rim. Without riding the bike, the tire has lost 2lbs consistently for the last 5 days. Is this average? Any comments on using levers on UST's?


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It's unlikely you compromised the bead. I've used levers on UST tires lots of times.

Fact is, UST still leaks. Throw in a scoop of Stan's and you'll have the double bonus of no air loss & puncture protection.
Like Squeaky said, UST's do leak. Get some Stan's.

You're not riding at 60 psi are you? The whole reason for going UST is that you can run them at <30 psi and not worry about pinch flats.

I've used levers on all sorts of UST's never had a problem with the bead before. 2psi is not that much loss.
Ditto on Stan's

I have tried Michelin Comp S usts and trying to mount those was one of the most difficult thing I have ever done and that was using levers. I understand that those are some of the most difficult UST tires made to mount. I didn't damage the bead but I did ruin one of my Stan's rims strips.
But I would recomend Stan's sealant, it will help and give you some peace of mind.
Also IMO a 2# pressure loss doesn't seem like that much?
2lbs cool

Great, thanks guys.
The 60lbs is just to seat the bead, that was a suggestion I've read on the boards. I'll drop it to around 30lbs before tomorrow's first ride. I don't wan't to use stan's if I don't need to. If the 2lbs a day sounds fine, I can live with it.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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