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Hi Everyone

Just a friendly heads up the July Saturday Middle Fork ride is now half full too.
Saturday August Middle Fork has less then 20 seats open
Friday and Sunday each have lots of open spots.

Interesting facts on sign up so far.

Nearly everyone signed up so far is from California or Portland, couple WA, ID, NV people.

75% of the people signed up so far attended in 2006.

Almost 50/50 split on July and August sign up...couple for both.

70% of people signed up, have signed up for a Middle Fork ride.

As always you can reach me at
[email protected]


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I am interested in coming this year (I missed last year), but I wanted to make sure it's cool to bring (well behaved) doggies. My wife can't join me unless we can bring the doggies, and it'd be nice if she could join in.

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