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ATV on Little Hickory Top

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Anyone else notice the tracks? I saw them a few weeks ago for the first time and then again last week.
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ATV use is rampant between Hwy 215 and FR471 too. I've reported it, as well as the specific gates that have been "adapted" by the ATV'ers to get access. One thing is for sure though, you run an ATV over old (and I mean very old) double track a few hundred times and you end up with a big wide trail.
Skyland EMS uses 4-wheelers for rescue. I've seen them out there training on several occassions.
I think it's those stoopid out-of-towners :madmax:
To be perfectly honesy I have never seen or heard an ATV at BC, but I have seen tracks and they are ~most likely~ from Skyland fire & rescue
I too have seen the Skyland EMS ATV in action there. They know what they're doing.

In fact, there's an article in the citizen-times today about bent creek.
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