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Do you want to do your first race this season, but aren't too sure on the best ways to approach it? If so, then join the INTEGRATE Performance Fitness Fat Tire Team for our "Race 101" afternoon on Saturday January 17, 2009 @ 4pm. We will be sharing the most effective tips to make sure your first race day is a success.

This will be an extremely casual "conversation" that will cover the following topics, and then some:

  • Training for your first race
  • Your race starts the night before
  • Pre-Race ride the day before
  • Race day nutrition (including breakfast)
  • When you should get to the venue, and what to expect
  • Warm ups
  • The race itself
  • Cooling down
  • The best ways to start recovering for your next ride as soon as you cross the finish line.
  • Anything else people would like to know

The cost is FREE, and we will have a screening of "Off Road to Athens" afterward to get you pumped for your first race! Please bring something comfortable to sit on if you plan on staying to watch the movie. We may also go to dinner afterward, and then head over to "Shoreline Billiards" to shoot a little stick!

INTEGRATE Performance Fitness is located at 2624 Fayette Dr, Suite D in Mountain View. For more information, PM me or send an email to [email protected]. :thumbsup:
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