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Note: I realize some of may be upset with this, but let's represent ourselves professionally on these matters and get involved and do something to avoid more trail closures, THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ISSUE, see below, seek additional information elsewhere, and get the facts:

Attention Mountain Bikers:

This is an action alert. On March 31st Jefferson County Open Space(JCOS in Colorado)
intents to close all 1260 acres of Reynolds Park Open Space to bikes (in
comparison Elk Meadow is 1140 acres). Do you fear the loss of single track? We need all
riders who have an interest in riding Jeff. Co. Parks to take immediate

This issue is not just about one park. You may not have ever ridden Reynolds,
if not you are missing out on 7 miles and 2000 vertical feet of climbing on
single and double track. Reynolds is 6 miles off Hwy 285 at Conifer on Foxton
road. Next time you're headed to Buffalo Creek take Foxton Road and check out
this Jewel. It is clear of snow and ready to ride. You have until Wednesday
March 31st, then the lights go out.

This park is not busy like many of the foothills parks and as such has fewer
defenders. This is one reason JCOS may think they can make an end run and
blind side the Mountain Biking community with this closure. Never in the history
of JCOS has a traditional multi-use park been unilaterally closed to Mountain
Bikes. JCOS has intentions of expanding the trails at this large park and may
even reopen parts of the park to bikes in the future. So why the complete
closure now?

People, this is a bad precedent, not just the loss of trails, but also the
failure of JCOS to include us in the process. This was not a quick decision by
JCOS, in fact they have been working on this closure for a year and a half.
The question is, why was the public forum that has worked so well in the past
not utilized for this unprecedented Park Closure. Why was IMBA, Team Evergreen,
Bicycle Colorado, and Trail Conservation Services, among others, not notified
of this intended closure and given the opportunity to have input? JCOS will
claim that the Mountain Biking community was given the opportunity through a
group called the Trail Use Task Force. This group meets once a year to allow all
trail user groups an opportunity to have input on land management decisions.
The only problem is the Mountain Bike guys have no knowledge of the intended
closure and certainly never "endorsed" it as claimed by JCOS.

If you think Mountain Bikers should have a voice and fear the loss of more
single track, then now is the time to act. It's simple, a phone call or e-mail
is all we need you to do. JCOS needs to hear from us loud and clear that to
unilaterally close one of our parks without our input is unacceptable.

Plan of Action:

1. Call or e-mail Frank Marics, Reynolds Park Management Team Leader at
303-271-5985, [email protected]
2. Tell Mr. Marics that you feel the Reynolds Park closure decision was done
without a public forum and Mountain Bikers were not given a proper voice.
3. That any closure that unilaterally eliminates mountain bikes without our
input is a bad precedent.
4. That we request you delay this closure three months to allow us an open
dialogue whereby the Mountain Bike community can have proper input and have a
chance to respond to the reasons for closure.
5. Call or e-mail Reynolds Park Management Team Manager Rep. Stanton LaBreche
at 303-271-5980, [email protected]

Yes, I'm an IMBA member. Get involved if you don't want your trails shut down. We are a trail user group too.

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