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Every race I've rode in the provide long twist ties. However, if you get into any brush
or crash they come off easy. For that reason I used zip ties on each side of the
handlebars and then one of the twist ties that they provide on the bottom of the number
plate and attached it to a cable. This way if you crash the twist tie will pull apart instead
of ripping your cable out of wack.

Just a thought...


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In FRONT of your cables

I can't tell you how many times we've had to call out "What's your number," to riders who've installed their numbers behind the cables, making it difficult for the finish line staff to read the numbers. More than once riders have kept going and we never did get a number, so those riders didn't get a finish time.

Do yourself and the event's staff a favor and make sure that your number is in FRONT of your cables/brake lines/etc. so that the number can be easily read and you don't get missed.

And please, don't fold it back around head tube to make it "more aero" as some like to do. I definitely can't be read that way.



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Just poke holes through the paper, eh? OK! Seems to be you have to be tad careful putting the number on the cables so it doesn't rip when using the bars, no? :confused:

Oh well, in 24 hours I guess I'll REALLY know for sure!


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usually, its not paper. its either tyvek or laminated and has holes punched. I've never seen paper ones, except in low budget road races.
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