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At last!

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Bit of a cross posting, but it IS an Alfine hub, and I am being a total tart and posting it everywhere!:thumbsup:

So far, so good! Silent operation seems odd at the moment, I'm, used to a Hope Pro 2 clicking away... Bike feels lovely and responsive on initial trials and will get its first proper outing tomorrow on the Marin trail in N. Wales.:D
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Quick update after its maiden ride...

Very, very pleased! Once or twice it had an issue changing down, but a quick ease up on the pedal stroke soon had it snicking straight into gear. Never noticed any delay in pickup, felt as good in that respect as my Hope Pro2 on my Reign. No odd noises, no chain slap, all you hear riding is the wheels rolling along and your breathing. Brilliant!
That's a nice ride! You're a little fella aren't you? I'm guessing that seat tube's about 16 inches. My XL El Mar. would be giant beside it. I knew you'd like the Alfine. Give it a week, and that will turn to love!

I'm 6ft!:D So not too little:p nFrame is a medium, and IIRC is 18"... But the rest is OK!:thumbsup:
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