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ASX shock question

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Hi all,

I've tried googling and searching the forums on this site but haven't been able to find the answer to my question yet. Can someone tell me what the specs are on a 2004 Yeti ASX? I know it has the Progressive 5th Element on it but am wondering what size shock I'd need to get if I wanted to replace it with something else. Is it a 8 x 2.5? 7.75 by 2.5?

Thanks in advance!
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The 2003 ASX had the 5th element shock. In 2004 Yeti switched to the Fox 5.0 and redid the front triangle slightly, using a shock that had a longer eye to eye distance. The 5th element shock is not good in the long run. Most people selling ASXs lie or are confused about the year of the bike they are selling so most people call their 03s 04s. If it has a 5th element it is >2003 if it has a Fox 5.0 it is 2004<. You can get a 2003 and put a Fox 5.0 on it just make sure you have the right specs. Call Yeti, they'll have all the specs you need.
HI, Close, but not quite right.

The 03 in its first 2 batches had a 5th Element shock, this was 200mm with a 2.25 stroke. These also had a bushing shock short link. I had one of these and got it from the factory.

The late 03 went up to a 220mm shock with a 2.5 stroke also on the 5th element. Yeti also changed the layout slightly of the front pivot point to stop it cracking a little. These had a short bushing link too. The later 03 also had a double thickness plate where the dog bone fits.

You will notice that all the 03-07 have the same travel measurement on the little adjuster holes, I think only the longer shocks gave this travel, the short 03 shock gave 6.9 at max (so I understand)

the 04 also had a 5th shock (my mate got one), it was not till later on in 04 and early 05 that they came with a DHX. The 04 got a bearing short link early 04, but still came with the 5th. Mid to late 04 saw the rear end have a slightly thicker 'rim' inside the cut out of the drop outs.

Then in 07 some AS-X came with a DHX air (French market), this had a more trick short link with smaller bearings, this was also on the 07 that had a DHX coil.

Yeti did changes throughout the run of the AS-X, so to say an 03 had this, and an 04 had this is not quite correct.

hope that helps.

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That's odd. If Yeti put a 5th element shock on the 04 ASX none of them ever made to any dealers in Colorado.
That is very strange,

The 2004 brochure says - Frame weight 9lbs with Progressive 5th Element shock.

The 2005 brochure shows a DHX coil.

Also, a close friend got an AS-X a year after me (June 2004) in the Gravel colour, it had a 5th Element, and came shipped to him from the USA via Ebay. It was the 2004 versions as the Manitou forks had the much hated SPV, where as my 2003 (July 03- first batch) example has the Shermans with no SPV which were a pretty good fork back then.

Also, as far as I can see from the 2004 year on my site no AS-X had a DHX coil, only the ones called 2005.

However the Yeti PDF for the 04-06 models shows just a DHX.

There are even some frames supposed to be 05 on my site with 5th elements.

Maybe Yeti gave all the dealers outside of the Colorado area old stock to sell off as current models? but I doubt it.

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Thanks everyone for your help!
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