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last week I took my do it all ASX for a DH race - actually the first I've taken part in. Unfortunately, I was in a bad shape on Sunday as I ate sth. bad the day before and was sick all night. Although I didn't want to, I got pumped up during the race and wated to make it much faster than during training sessions = 2 crashes :) nothing serious, though. Still it was nice, new experience as compared to trail riding to learn the line, how to go faster and so on....

till now I found only one picture


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levee67 said:
incredible. is that a Fox Vanilla up front? 120mm?

yup, vanilla 125 rl. good eye. if you look a little closer, the legs are little tweaked. i took a digger in practice and bent it pretty bad, but didn't realize it was off that much. i've since replaced it, but i still have the fork as a memento. :)
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