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Took the Asta out for a short ride today to see how the ribs hold up. After being off for about 4 weeks the single sprocket up front & to short a seat post was'nt nice to me going up hill. Once at the top the single track zigzaging through the hill side was feeling prety good. I have been spoiled by 6 inch travel 39.65 pound Blitz. The rear end felt rough after a nice rock garden section checked the o-ring & was using about 1/2 its travel, ouch. I had 240lbs in the main chamber & 50 in the SPV, ya i know this isnt a FR shock either. Loose silt type hard corners i found the 2.1 WTB Exiwolfs to be a tad skinny for my taste, they didn't like hard agressive cornering. Hit some smooth twistys & the tires felt much better & it was very easy to get speed through here. Hitting a very steep high speed DH type run i wasn't feeling confident in the rear shock set up but didnt have a shock pump with me. Had 28 psi rear & 27 psi front for the tires, droped the front a little for the DH run. Well made it to the bottom but definatly need to run less air in the rear, get some 2.35 Maxxis HighRollers & a 8 inch rotor for the front. The frame is rock solid pushed it through a hard right hander & slid the front end for about 2+ feet, yehaww, the bike was solid it slid then hooked up without a glitch or a twitch, sweet.:cool::D
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