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the dhx rc4 is a coil.

i prefer a coil on mine (dhx 4.0, yay ebay!), but am thinking about giving my DHX air 5.0 another try to save some weight. i would really like to give a Cane Creek DB a try (forget the weight increase).

i'd doubt you could get one to a shop...they may also substitute another brand for an up-charge

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RE: ASR7 with coil

joltz said:
So I know you can get the 7 with the RP23 or DHXRC4. Which one would you go with and why?

I've also heard of some peeps running a coil on their 7. Can you order the frame without a shock?
I built my 7 with the RC4 after demo'ing ones set up with both that and the RP23. My rationalization was/is that if you think you want the extra travel and capability (over the 575 and any number of other, lighter 5-6" bikes) then why not go the plush route? The 7 is really just an overgrown cross country bike (vs. a downhill or freeride bike with similar travel) but it is just unbelievable how fast you can go through rough terrain. BIG fun!

Of course, all the adjustments on the latest shocks are pointless unless you take the time and have the expertise to get the setup right. Best of luck.
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