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new (08-09-10) Front triangle mated to older (07) rear triangle.
( front triangle replacement, cracked by BB shell )

What's the CW on this setup? Will my head angle change? I have only seen one other post about this that I can think of ( agabriel? )

Also, since they charged me $130 for a new dogbone, I have to assume its different from any of the other regular dogbones out there (normal ones seem to retail for $100 maybe its coming with different pins and such? ) Again, anyone else with experience? Mostly curious about maint. issues -- I know the newer dogbones don't require the tool ( which i have ... ) to dismantle. I just need to know if I'm looking at different bearings/pins/etc than normal, or what. I can always call Yeti when the time comes, but thought I would poll the experts here first.

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