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It has been a long few days...

I ride mostly XC, but I live in a pretty big city, so there is alot of "trails" so to speak here in the windy mountain roads of Japan. I spend alot of time looking for new paved roads to climb. I love the way the city blends with the mountains here.

Problem is though, most roads are only at best 1 car link wide. That is why I am writing.

I never saw him.

I had decided to decend a common road I take very often. I wasent going all that fast, just glad to be riding. In Japan, there are mirrors to help you in blindspots for the curves are so steep. I checked, but I guess not good enough.

I really dont remember impact, only a flash of his Motorcycle in the middle of the road. He was accending, I was decinding, and met almost head on. I figure we had been near 20 mph.

I can only guess he lowsided and took my bike out from under me. My Motobecane was found over a gaurdrail 30 feet away from me. I normaly wear my full face, I cling to a Giro switch blade, one of the only XC full face to make it. That day I wore my standard XC, and Oakley combo... They saved my life, but my face is a little worse for wear.

I have 50 stiches, and have torn my lip pretty bad. I sprained my shoulder and have roadrash on my hands and knees. Shreaded the helmet.

I have about 10 minutes of memory loss. I guess I was talking to medics and police, but I have no idea on the contents of the conversation. My Road ID saved me, and got help called as well as my Family.

My bike is fine, all that needs repair is the main ring on my FSA. Other than that, like nothing happened.

I am blessed to be here today. I am also thankful for my helmet, but I will be returning to useing a full face. I only wish more offered a lighter lid.

I will not quit riding. I love the sport and the way I feel clipped in and pedaling away. I would say I ride Urban XC. I wouldnt trade it.

Ill just be watching the raod mirrors better...
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