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Ashland Trail Conditions

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Hey Southern Oregon Mtn Bikers, what is the latest on trail conditions in and around Ashland, say the loop road and associated trails (Alice, White Rabbit)? Any info on Applegate would be great too. Coming from out of town to hang with the in-laws for 9 days or so, debating on whether or not to bring the bike and the cold weather gear or a pair of running shoes (I hate running). Thanks.
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going to find out today. just had a recent low level snow storm. toothpick and below should be good. we are trying four corners today. applegate is good.
anyword on the conditions. heading down from WA to GP and wondering if I should bring the bike.

Much appreciated!!!!
snow. some good storms are coming in this week. snow level to be 3000'. some lower trails should be doable but wet.
When's the trails generally back to their old selves would u say, April?
Trails are great right now from 4 corners down. Typically late April early May from the lodge and June from Time Warp. Depends on the snow we get.
Rode the Applegate lake loop last wednesday and it was good. The east side was a little wet in spots, but other than that good.
could be snowy up at four corners, but if so its slushy enough to not be much of an issue.. Trails are pretty awesome at the moment, nice and grippy.
Very good conditions lately. At the moment, there's a couple inches of snow at 4 corners, but clear below that. Ride while you can!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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