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Ashboro riding?

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I am moving to Ashboro in April and looking for trails to ride after work. Uwharrie and Beech seem a little far away to ride for an hour or so after work. I did find the one private trail listed on here, but are there other places to ride close to town? PS is there a bike shop in town? Google searches seem to say no... thx
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Greensboro/Guilford County would be your best bet. Hagan Stone Park is supposed to have a single-track, and it's probably less than 30 minutes from Asheboro.
Greensboro has a multitude of trail options check for info.
mtnbikefj, Maybe you could looking into starting a MTB club or joining one if there is one in Randolph County. Randolph County has a lot of "country" that would make for great trails. Maybe you could speak to the county gov. and see about building or laying out a trail. I'm only about 25 miles from Asheboro and am in the process of building my own trail on "the family farm". Make friends with someone that owns a tract of land and ask if you can lay out a trail. At present I am just raking leaves and moving dead limbs and such for my trail, and occasionally "grubbing up" a few rocks in the way of the best route. I hope to get a few photos on my post, "Minimalist Trail Building" on the trail building forum.
JUST IN CASE, you get a free Saturday or Sunday:

I knew Greensboro had a lot of choices, I talked to the bike shop there before accepting the new job ; )

I was just hoping there was something great for an after work ride.

PS is there a group that rides at night in Greensboro? Where I am now, we have a 3 night a week night ride that goes year round. I will miss having a group to meet and ride with!
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