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As riding season approaches...

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don't be dumb like me and go out for your first ride without your multi-tool! I went out with a backpack instead of the usual camelback.... so the tools were back at the parking lot. I realized at about the worst possible place that my steerer tube was getting sloppy (installed a new headset last week), really spoiled my ride since it should have been a 2min trail-side repair and instead it was a long, boring trudge back a snowy fireroad:madmax: :madmax: :madmax:

Just though I'd remind everyone... some of us are out of our usual habits and some of us have new toys that will need adjusting as they break-in.... don't forget the multi-tool!!!
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when i bought my first "real" bike i didn't have one on me, and the lbs didn't tighten the handlebars to the stem all the way. real fun way to start out a mountain biking career holding your bike together as you ride 11 miles home through the city.
Riding season? It's always riding season here and the most I'm off my bike is like 2 or 3 days. I leave important stuff out of my pack any time of the year.
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