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Armor suggestions.

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Hello fellow Arizona riders. Im finally getting back into mountain biking after a 10 year break but moved to Arizona 4 years ago. All my riding was previously in southern Wisconsin so the terrain is obviously different.

Most of my riding does/will consist of Usery including Pass Mt, Hawes, DC, and the McDowell areas. Id say Im an aggresive XC guy venturing into AM (hard not too out here). I dont plan to do any DH stuff but obviously its almost a no fall zone no matter where you are in AZ.

Do any of you wear armor for XC/AM? What gear do you typically ride with? Maybe soft armor? Does it prove to be uncomfortable or too hot?

Im asking because I just fell yesterday (stupid mistake :madman: but also on brand new tires) and it sucks. Nothing major but rocks and sand in the skin and under fingernails blows big time.
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i just got some 661 evo pads knee and elbo, i wear them for trails you mentioned. this time of year they arnt very hot. they are comforatable and can wear them on all day rides. however i havnt fell with them yet. but they are confidence inspireing.
longhairmike said:
Kettle, yo! :D
Yup. Its pretty much where I learned to ride. Started back in 95 when I was in school at a place outside of Iowa City. Sugar Bottom. Sure is different out here in AZ and very humbling. Cant wait to get my heart, lungs, and legs back in shape and get some mtn biking balls again.
Armour recommendation

I can recommend these Armour products.

I use them quite extensively and find that they do add that extra layer of protection.

I normally "Armour Up" as often as my wife will allow. I find that by armouring frequently, my spinal cord is well protected.

While I suffer way more on the climbs, Armour allows me to go much faster on the downhills.

Is the Armour hot? It depends…..timing is everything. I do not like soft Armour though…..(crispy..mmmmm)


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kyle strait 661 knees on all my rides xc/am ss. find a good set of full forearm pads for your descents and you should be all good. for extra gnar, a good set of knee/shins will save you some skin.
+1 for Kyle Straight 661. Wear them on every ride, regardless. Don't even know they are on most of the time, even in summer.
I have the Kyle Straight 661's too and I really like them. I've done two 60+ miles rides in them and they don't bother me at all.

If I'm on a bike with flat pedals I usually wear the 661 Veggie Shins too.

Both are really comfortable to pedal in. The Veggie Shins would probably be too warm in the summer though on a XC/AM ride. I use them for DH.
Dainese 3X/ Forget I have em on!!

Here is a thread I did a while back on this subject, with some pics in it.

Me and the girlfriend have both ended up using the Dainese 3X pads and really like them, and trust me, she is much more picky in the comfort area of things. If she likes the fit and comfort, it really says a lot!!:yesnod:

We live by Tucson Mountain Park, and all the trails are very rocky, especially the ones we like, so we wanted something we could use every ride,all ride, not just to put on before a long downhill. They have become an integral part of our gear, as much as our helmet.

We ride 2 to 3 times a week, and have had them over a year, and not one strap or stitch has come undone!! They are very well ventilated, and very light. They do cost more than some pads, but they seem to be very anatomically, and ergonomically designed, and well made, so worth the cost IMO. Not just a piece of plastic glued on top of some cheap foam. The cost is worth the quality and light weight. They fit like part of the leg, and do not hinder pedaling at all, and yet they give you full leg protection. Hard protection, not just padding.

It is hard to see in pictures, but the foam under the pads is very "airy". If you hold them up to the light, the light comes through the front ventilation holes, and goes right through the mesh foam behind them in all direction. The foam is almost a honeycomb design that allows air to move through it. Yes they are hotter than bare skin, but for the level of protection, they ventilate exceptionally well. And should you be doing a long dirt road climb and want to store them, they are really light and they sandwich together well, making them easier to pack. 2 thumbs up from us.:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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