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armor on a budget

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I guess I'm mostly an XC rider, maybe an "agressive" XC rider. But I'd like to start doing more of the freeride and DH trails around here, though I might need some pads, so looking for advice on:

Which pads do people consider most important? Is just knee/shin pads ok? elbow knee guards too?

What are the best pads for cheap?

Right now I have some sixsixone knee/shin guards I bought a few years back, but I think they are junior sized cause they say "Large" yet they don't fit well on my small/medium sized body: too tight, uncomfortable, slip down, etc. Looking to sell em and buy something that fits better, but is cheep.
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roach rally FR's are great pads(shin guards)---fit well and dont slide down...if you also want calf protection, go with the Roach DH's...i have them currently and they are great...
protect yo self

I saw one guy eating sh!t after 1,5ft drop: didn't crank hard enough. Lost his tooth (in a fool face helmet), cracked helmet etc. After that I always ride in full face with elbow and knee pads.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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