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Curious if anyone has experience with the Arkel Shopper Pannier, the Arkel Metropolitan Pannier, or the Arkel City Basket Pannier.

I use my bike to do a lot of errands around town, including grocery shopping. I want panniers that
1- go on and off very easily/quickly
2- are very secure (won't fly off going over speed-bumps)
3- will stand up relatively easily in the store as I pack them.
4- is fairly roomy (ideally ~1500 cubic inches or more)

Looking at most offerings out there, it has been hard to find bags that fit those 4 requirements. The Shopper and the Metropolitan SEEM to check all the boxes.

I like the City Basket pannier, but it looks like the bottom might not be flat enough to stand on it's own. Anyone have experience with this?

I have Banjo Bothers saddlebag style panniers, and they are OK if I don't want to take them off the bike, but are kind of a hassle to take on and off especially when full. Also, they don't stand up well while packing them in the store. Also, if one side is a lot heavier than the other, they tend to slide over to that side.

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