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Argon ROCC, Rohloff, Gates, Lefty - Opinions?

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I'm condsidering a Rohloff, Gates (belt drive), and Lefty Argon ROCC build.
Should I get the frame built with the Cannondale headtube specs?
Does the geometry need to be different for the Lefty?
Any opinions on the belt drive?
Any opinions on the Rohloff?
Any opinions on the belt drive with Rohloff?
Any opinions on the Lefty?
Thanks in advance.
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As far as I am aware, Rohloff are only supplying the belt compatible speedhubs to bike manufacturers. If you want this combo, then you will be forced to buy the nike complete!
Best bet would be to send Nicolai an email and ask the questions that are floating around in your mind, they will respond with answers for sure....
All I would say is I had a pretty bad time with my lefty - bearing resets all the time oil leaks - has needed 10* as much maintenance as any other fork ive owned.
Thanks for the inputs. I'll definitely keep them in mind and will contact Nicolai when I'm ready to pull the trigger. I want something very low maintenance and that Lefty info makes me a bit nervous. May start fully rigid.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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